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Most People Suffer from unexplaining Problems (after Vaxinations)

The now wrong normal

You – like many others – had your reasons: be it work, vacation, or visiting loved ones. NOW, serious problems, suden death, myocaditis, heart attacs, brainfog and plenty more seems do be the „New Normal“ for people whoe trusted the official „Only One Trouth“ of Media, reguar medicin and officials.

Michael´s way as an energetic healer led him alredy 2006 to the information, that „The Vaccination for EVERYBODY, with chips to trac people“ will come. So 2020 ist was NOT a surprise. He and plenty of other „consperothy theory people“ NEW it´s on it´s way.

But what´s the benefit for YOU, NOW?

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In the Challenge you will learn 

How to get finally ridd off

The Ability to Chose and Heal

Darkness and light and their possibilities are should NOW EVERYWHERE!

The possibility of free will. Covid Vaccination, Tests & Shedding Problems, Insights & Solutions.

We offer solutions through energy healing, vibration, light, consciousness, faith.

The gigantic possibilities that are available to us as beings of light and how the “plan of God” with the Bible and prophecies has always planned all this.

True Science, spirituality, consciousness and energy can be recogniceb as ONE. The aim is to bring people closer to “God”, faith, awareness and love in order to get a growth spurt for us as humanity through the suffering of the Covid period for better energy for a “better”, higher vibrating future.

Your new Reality

Client Results


Since the appointment four days ago I still feel very well. I have much more strength since then. The morning before yesterday I danced and sang because there was so much joy in my heart. In the afternoon I also cleaned for about 2 hours. Before, I was always completely knocked out afterwards. Not now, I still had strength!!! WOW !!! Dealing with my sister is easier and more carefree. I wish so much that this stays or even gets better. And I wake up every morning with a joyful feeling in my heart that stays throughout the day. Thank you so much dear Michael for your wonderful soul work!!!!


I originally had the energetic blockage release done because of possible blockages due to a difficult time in my childhood (very long hospital stay due to a serious illness). Since the treatment, I have also noticed that my relationship with my wife has changed even more into the positive. The perception of my feelings has improved, the connection with my wife feels stronger and I feel the need to say to my wife, “I love you,” much more often than before the treatment.” Many thanks to Michael König-Breuss!


Hello dear Michael! What can I say, all the best for this treatment! I looked for help everywhere, different doctors, therapy but unfortunately nothing helped, bissi but not like after the treatment with you! This medicine circle was endless! You managed to give me much more energy, joy of life, less fear, anger! More strength, more love what I had hidden somewhere inside me! Am finally this old small;) big Emina ready for life LG(and hope effect will be even stronger with time)


Dear Michael, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful online seminar, where you not only reawakened the gift of soul language in me, but also allowed me to experience profound, moving, uplifting enlightening and heart touching moments with you and all participants. Thank you! And if you, who are reading this entry now, are still unsure, I can only recommend: Feel inside yourself. And if you have a good feeling and the impression that Michael with his offers and also the soul language itself does not let you go and somehow triggers you, then be brave and take the step. In this sense, thank you again from the bottom of my heart and best wishes

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From how you will learn Michael from Austria:

Michael König-Breuss has been an energetic therapist – healer since 2006. Even his grandfather was a healer. Michael has the ability to significantly alleviate symptoms and especially those that have arisen since 2020, and in the best case, eliminate them altogether.

He has helped many people with problems, brought on by PCR testing & COVID vaccination, since the fall of 2020. These were people with enormously distressing physical, emotional and mental symptoms & problems.

Depression, aggression, suicidal thoughts, headaches, migraines, meaninglessness in life, inner darkness and restlessness, being cut off from the source, sweating, trembling and many more were symptoms that could be solved. These things and the health problems associated with them were largely gone afterwards.

Michael’s endeavor is that with his help and his gifts, people can be freed from their vaccination symptoms and can live “normally” again.

In addition he is expert in KARMA & foreign energy clearing and teacher for SOUL LANGUAGE – LIGHT LANGUAGE – TALKING IN TONGUES, the probably oldes Frequency-Energy method to open hearts, clear energys and connect to the soul / devine !

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